AppGini Helper Dashboard Library

Using our AppGini Helper PHP Library Dashboard extension (for AppGini version 5.82 or later), you can configure custom dashboards for you application.

We are in BETA testing phase and this product is not available, yet. If you are interested, please sign up for our newsletter to be automatically informed about news.

Configurable column-layouts

Various widgets per column

Many samples available including source code

Easy installation

Multi-language setup tool. Just select the directory containing AppGini-generated files and the necessary PHP classes will be integrated with your project.

Easy integration


$d = new AppGiniHelper\UI\Dashboards\Dashboard();

list($left, $center, $right) = $d->create([4, 4, 4]); 


if (getLoggedMemberID() != "guest")

echo $d;


Different number of columns and various column-sizes for your dashboard

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Copy & Paste Dashboard Examples

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Multi-lingual and easy to use step-by-step setup tool

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