(1) Select Language

(2) User Info

Enter email address*, company name (optional) and Ordernumber.

* Email address has to be identical with the e-mail address you have given on purchase.

Information will be stored for next time.

(3) Select project directory

Enter (Copy & Paste) or browse for the www project directory** containing AppGini-generated files.

** This is not the directory of the .axp file but the output directory of the generated files.

(4) Install

This will install the library files inside your project output directory. This will also install the file hooks/home-custom.php, if not already exists, or prompt before overwriting.

(5) Customize your dashboard

Edit hooks/home-custom.php and customize columns and widgets of your new dashboard according to the docs here.

There are many examples including sourcecode here.


  • Requires internet access during install
  • Requires valid credentials:
    • order-number
    • email-address you have given on purchase
  • AppGini version 5.82 or later
  • PHP version 7.x or later