AppGini Helper PACK

One-click windows tool for packaging your AppGini web directory.


  • Easy one-click-backup of your sources
  • Easy upload to your web server via FTP or file copy


Step 1

Paste your project directory or select it using the [...] button.

Step 2

Enter a version tag

Step 3

Start process
(Simulate / Copy / Compress)

Simple to use User Interface (UI)

The tool starts collecting (and compressing) necessary files. It skips blacklisted files like config-files (which could overwrite or damage your serverside configuration).

After a couple of seconds the package is ready.


We store all packages in a subdirectoy named .release.


When packing again, we keep the versions by creating unique filenames using a three digit counter starting at 001.


If you leave the version tag empty, ...

... the output filename will contain todays date.

To avoid overwriting, we append a three digit counter starting at 001.

Important Note on backups

Always ensure you have a valid backup of your serverside files before overwriting files by extracting the package. We are not liable for data loss. Data backup is always your responsibility.

Getting started

(1) Download and check compatibility

Download the executable and check if this can be started on your windows machine.

  1. Download the zip file (link below).
    It contains a single executable named AppGiniPack.Win.exe.
  2. Extract and run
  3. accept security warnings (if there are)

(2) Order

If the software itself starts on you machine, you can purchase a license. Immediately after purchase you will receive a license key which is required in order to run the packaging tool.

Please check compatibility BEFORE buying a license.

We can not give any money back after you have purchased a license key. So please check compatibility before buying!