Please note that all changes including syntax and usage examples can be seen in changelog.txt which is part of your download.


  • fix: modified .toLeft() function for optimized table view rendering
  • new: Invert navbar in User's Area
  • new: Remove all links from table view cells
    This may be useful in combination with addButtonOpen()
  • fix: adding file upload fields to tab if record is readonly
  • new: Insert div's and insert span's next to fields
    Same for: .insertAbove() | .insertBelow() | .insertBefore() | .insertAfter() | .insertPrepend() | .insertAppend()
  • new: var tabs = dv.getTabs(); shortcut function
  • new: dv.getTabs().setPosition(TabPosition.Top);
    position: TabPosition.Top | | "top"
    TabPosition.Bottom | TabPosition.bottom | "bottom"
  • new: (experimental) var id_field = new AppGiniDetailView().getField(fieldname);
    shortcut function for quickly getting field handles
  • new: new AppGiniDetailView().getChildrenLinks().removeIcons();
  • new: new AppGiniDetailView().getChildrenLinks().replaceIcons();
  • new: (experimental / BETA) new AppGiniDetailView().autoCompleteOff();
  • new: change login form
  • new: fade in / fade out fields
  • new: (unsupported, requires more testing and feedback) add keyboard shortcut function on allows to define keyboard shortcuts for focusing inputs
  • new: optimize screen-usage by widening table view
  • new: ready-callback now also available for AppGiniTableView:
  • new: new AppGiniTableView().addOpenButton() function as a shortcut for new AppGiniTableView().addButton
    This will add a button in the first column of table view which opens the record in detail view.
  • new: add icons to default lookup buttons
  • new: change icon of lookup buttons (view parent / add new parent)
  • new: (unsupported) onChange-Handler for lookup now additionally sends the fieldname to the callback
  • new: change design of buttons next to lookup dropdowns
  • new: design fix for image fields
  • fix: small change in .inline() function when number of widths if different to number of fields
  • new: (BETA) When following a link (eg from email) and you are not logged in, AppGini will redirect you to login page after 2 seconds. After logging in you will be redirected to index-page, not to the entry-page. This behaviour can be changed now
  • new: (BETA) TableView: Merge identical cells (in column)
  • new: (BETA) Tableview: Group rows
  • new: addLayout(…).add(…, [ "#Headline" ])
  • new: Automatically select text in quicksearch field for easy overwriting.
  • new: (UNSUPPORTED) AutoComplete off for quicksearch This may not work in all browsers.
  • fix: auto-showing formerly collapsed layout rows after being moved into tab
  • new: new AppGiniCommon().fix().navbar();
  • new: new AppGiniCommon().fix().dropdowns();


  • new (unsupported): turn top navbar to the left hand side (sidebar):
    new AppGiniCommon().navbar.fix().toLeft( {true|false} );
    true = also on homepage
    false = not on homepage (default)
  • new: Tabs in detail view:
    new AppGiniDetailView().addTab("tab-name", "Title", "icon")
    .add(["field1", "field2", "field3"]);
  • new: shortcut for (collapsible) layout-rows with variations:
    new AppGiniDevailView().addLayout(widths[], title, canCollapse, isCollapsed, variation);
  • new: Link-Buttons in table view:
    new AppGiniTableView().addLink("http://…", "icon", "text", Variation.default, "Confirmation prompt - Are you sure?");
  • new: Buttons in table view:
    new AppGiniTableVire().addButton(callback, "icon", "text", Variation.default);
  • new: get custom title of detail view.
    After (!) you have used new AppGiniDetailView().setTitle("…") once,
    you can use .getTitle() to get the text-value (without html-formatting)
    var title = new AppGiniDetailView().getTitle();
  • fix: .addGroup() name parameter / special characters will be replaced by "-"
  • new: get name of current table in table view
    var name = AppGiniTableView().getTableName();
  • new: get name of current table in detail view
    var name = AppGiniDetailView().getTableName();
  • new: fix some ui for image fields since 5.8
    new AppGiniField("imagefield").fix();
  • new: layout rows are expandable now with title:
    new AppGiniDetailView().addLayout([widths], "title", true|false, true|false, Variation.default)


  • new: tiny helper: get table name of field
    var table = new AppGiniField("first_name").getTable();
  • new: insert HTML elements above/below or before/after fields
    new AppGiniField("birth_date").insertAbove().alert("Attention", Variation.warning);
  • new: expandable/collapsible panels in detail view
    new AppGiniDetailView()
    .addGroup("grp_history", "History", ["surgical_history", "obstetric_history"]);
  • new: replace navbar-icon by custom picture:
    new AppGiniCommon().setImage("");
  • new: Icons for ActionBarGroups
    .addGroup("title", "icon");
  • new: CSS-style for ActionBarGroups
    .addGroup("title", "icon", "css-classname");
  • new: Title of detail view form:
    .setTitle("New Title");
  • new: Title of detail view form:
    .setTitleHtml("<b>New Title</b>");
  • new: tiny helper: get the id of the current record
    var id = new AppGiniDetailView().getSelectedId();


  • new: inline fields
  • new: move link-buttons from top-right into the tabs (part of compact() function)
  • new: count number of records and show badges in tabs (part of compact() function)
  • new: placeholders: new AppGiniField(“tiny_uint”).placeholder(“0…255”);
  • new: AppGiniField(“…”).prepend(“text”, “iconname”);
  • new: AppGiniField(“…”).prependIcon(“name”);
  • new: AppGiniField(“…”).prepend(“text”);
  • new: AppGiniField(“…”).append(“text”, “iconname”);
  • new: AppGiniField(“…”).appendIcon(“name”);
  • new: AppGiniField(“…”).append(“text”);
  • fix: floating action buttons
  • new: dv / expand() method to widen children tabs
  • new: dv / compact() method to shrink buttons down and expand space for data
  • new: dv / hideText of action buttons
  • new: dv / change size of action buttons
  • new: dv / change width of action button container
  • fix: move radio buttons
  • fix: adjust width of richtext (html) areas
  • new resizeLabels()
  • new: wrapLabels()
  • dv: links below action buttons
  • dv: buttons (executing javascript functions) below action buttons
  • dv: variations for links and buttons
  • navbar: invert navbar
  • navbar: align and fix Admin-area
  • navbar: align and fix Logout-button


  • dv: hide field
  • dv: hide fields
  • dv: change label
  • dv: hide label
  • dv: multi-column-layout
  • dv: headers for multi-column-layout
  • dv: dividers for multi-column-layout
  • dv: append add-on for inputs
  • dv: change or remove navbar icon (brand)
  • dv: change navbar title (brand)
  • initial release

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