Inline Detail-View Plugin

Using this straight-forward plugin you are able to show the selected record's details view right inside the table view. Increase the efficiency when collecting data especially in combination with the new "calculated fields" functionality of AppGini 5.8.

Please note:
The sample shown here includes additional table-view and detail-view modification using our AppGini Helper JavaScript Library like tabs in detail-view and additional, custom buttons in table-view.


Simply copy the plugins-folder from downloaded ZIP-file into your project directory.

After installation the plugin will be available via the Plugins-Menu in Admin Area.

(1) As administrator go to the Admin-Area.

(2) Open the Inline Detail-View Plugin of the Plugins-menu.

(3) All available tables will be listed. Inline-DV functionality can be enabled/disabled per table. There is a help text at the right hand side.

Click the power-button of any table to enable inlining the detail view for that table.

That's it.

The selected table will be highlighted.

You can verify the result by clicking the Search-Button

This will open a new browser tab showing the table view of that table.

(1) Click the power-button again to disable inlining for a table.

That's it.

The plugin will be disabled for that table and the table view will not show any detail view any more.

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