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Our libraries have been successfully used in AppGini projects around the world. And now we have made them available to all AppGini developers.

All Plugins and commands are easy to understand – even for non-programmers. Many of the JavaScript commands are just “one-liners”.

Better Together

We are proud and pleased to announce our business partnership with BigProf Software, the developer of AppGini.

Both companies were talking about an extended, joint development of extensions and plugins for a while. We finally met at bizzworxx early November 2019 and agreed on a closer cooperation

From now on our AppGini Helper JavaScript Library will be available together with the AppGini code generator and further plugins in the online shop of BigProf Software.

I'm really excited as these tools are going to greatly enhance our users' experience with AppGini. So stay tuned!

Ahmed Genedy, BigProf Software

NEW Tool :
AppGini Helper PACK

Our brand new tool will help you collecting and compressing all relevant files for installation on a remote machine. It is a one-click tool for Windows.

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NOT the virus

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JavaScript Library

Increase productivity with easy-to-use input forms by grouping fields, inserting headings and additional hints, or through additional buttons in the table views or input screens.

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Inline Detail-View Plugin

Using this straight-forward plugin you are able to show the selected record's details view right inside the table view. Increase the efficiency when collecting data especially in combination with the new "calculated fields" functionality of AppGini 5.8. PreviewBackendInstallationOpen PluginEnableDisableVideo tutorial Please note:The sample shown here includes additional table-view and detail-view modification using our AppGini Helper...

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More to come

Stay tuned, we have started developing more extensions.

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All examples shown here are using our Javascript Library. Some examples require our Inline Detail-View Plugin additionally. Table View Additional links and buttons Read more Inline Detail-View Read more Detail View Custom tabs Read more Additional links and buttons Read more Date picker Read more Collapsible groups of fields Read more

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AppGini Helper PACK

A one-click windows tool for packaging your AppGini web directory. Usage Step 1 Paste your project directory Step 2 Enter a version tag(Optional) Step 3 Click "Pack" button Simple to use User Interface (UI) The tool starts collecting and compressing necessary files. It skips hidden files and config-files (which could overwrite or damage your serverside...

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AppGini Helper JavaScript Library

Highlights of latest release 2019/11

Custom tabs in detail view. Read more

Collapsible panels, auto-storing and -refreshing state. Read more

Add links to other pages or buttons executing javascript to every row of your table views:

AppGini Helper "Inline Detail-View" Plugin

Easy to install plugin which can be enabled per table. Integrates the detail view directly into the table-view underneath the selected record:

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