Support Request

Free Community Support

Ask other users for help on the AppGini Support Forum.

There is a separate Sub-Forum dedicated to AppGini Helper.

Free Bugfixing

If, after we have seen your forum support request, we find out that there is a bug in our products, we are going to fix it with the follow-up version. Most of the cases, additionally, we provide a hotfix or workaround. Bugfixing is free.

This includes bugs in our products but not bugs in your code nor bugs in any additional library you have included. But don't worry: We will always let you know before our support costs money.

Due to the amount of support requests we receive, you might sometimes experience a delay in replying to your request. This depends on the complexity of the question, and the amount of support requests in queue.

Please do not resubmit your support request as doing so would reset it to the end of the queue causing a delayed reply. Thank you for your understanding.

Did you find a bug?

Paid support

Some questions that are very specific in nature are not addressable in our free support service and would be subject to additional support fees. These include code customizations, questions regarding designing databases for specific applications (that would require some effort for analyzing specific scenarios), debugging of issues not directly caused by our products etc.

Due to other projects we do not offer paid support right now.