Please note:
AppGini provides so called hooks for changing headers, footers and contents of detail views and table views. There is no hook-support for Admin-Area. Therefore, all features shown here refer to the so called User's Area, not to the so called Admin-Area.

Important notice for users of versions < 2019/11

Please note that, for technical reasons, in version 2019/11 the filename has changed

from AppGiniHelper.mine.js
to AppGiniHelper.min.js

Please update your <script>-include tag in hooks/header-extras.php

Installation / Integration

How to integrate AppGini Helper Javascript Library with your AppGini web application

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Common changes for User’s Area

Common changes for User's Area

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Table View

Modifications for table view in User's Area

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Detail View

Modifications for detail views in User's Area

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Several AppGini Helper functions allow styling elements. The colors always depend on the selected theme. Variation.success Variation.warning Variation.danger See also Detail ViewAction ButtonsCollapsible PanelsTable ViewAdd LinkAdd Button

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By default AppGini supports the Glyphicons icon-library. There are several functions in our AppGini Helper Library for setting icons. Within our library you can omit the prefix "glyphicon".

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