Bug Report

Kind request to you

Most of the "error messages" we receive are programming errors or syntax mistakes rather than bugs in our products. In order to avoid unnecessary effort and thus unnecessary costs, we kindly ask you to check the following points before sending a bug report.


  • Bug vs. feature request:
    • Is it really a bug
      actual result is different from expected result
      according to the documentation
    • or is it a feature request
      something you would like to see in the future
    • Yes, it is a bug and not a feature-/change-request
  • Is the error reproducable?
    If the error has occured once, only, we cannot debug.
    Yes, it is reproducable
  • Did you follow the instructions on our homepage?
    Yes, I have read and followed the instructions
  • Please double check for typos or syntax errors.
    Yes, there are no other errors in console output
  • Did you read and follow our troubleshooting guide
    Yes, I did
  • Often something does not work because it is a consequential error of another error. According to the troubleshooting guide: Please reduce your source code by commenting out non relevant program lines. Then check again if the error persists.
    I have narrowed down the problem and it still persists even if all other code has been removed

If the problem still exists, please report a bug using our helpdesk tool:


First time users

If this is your first usage of our ticketsystem, we need to setup an account for you. We are going to setup an account for you as soon as possible.

Please send

  • ordernumber
  • e-mail adresss
    (the one you have used when purchasing)

to ticket@bizzworxx.de

Registered users

Log in using your personal credentials and report the bug you have found: