Bug Report


Before sending a bug report, please check:

  • Bug vs. feature request:
    Is it really a bug / error (actual result is different from expected result according to the documentation)
    or is it a feature request (something you would like to see in the future).
  • Is the error reproducible?
    If the error has occured once, only, we cannot debug.
  • Did you follow the instructions on our homepage?
    Please double check for typos or syntax errors.
  • Did you read our troubleshooting guide
  • Often something does not work because it is a consequential error of another error. According to the troubleshooting guide: Please reduce your source code by commenting out non relevant program lines. Then check again if the error persists


I the problem still exists, please report a bug using our helpdesk tool:

If this is your first usage of our ticketsystem, we need to setup an account for you. Please send us your ordernumber and e-mail adresss (the one you have used when purchasing) to ticket@bizzworxx.de and we will setup an account for you asap.