Quickie: Fix Button-Height-Bug of Lock-Button in Detail View (DV)

Perhaps you have already seen that the height of the "Lock"-button in the Detail View is smaller than the height of the "Save"-button next to it. With a little CSS trick, which I show here, you can fix the display-bug.



This is not related to AppGini but to the Bootstrap CSS framework. The reason is that buttons without text are obviously displayed smaller than buttons with text. We can simply check this by adding any text to the button in development tools of our browser.


Unfortunately, we cannot simply change the AppGini generated code itself. Maybe BigProf will change this with one of the next versions, I have sent a change request today.

If we want to add a text to the lock button, we could do it via javascript, or, what is even easier, via the following CSS hack:

Add the following line to your CSS:

.btn-update-locker::after {
    content: '\00200a';

Sometimes people ask me where to enter such a change. So here is a little tip on CSS in AppGini.


Do you like it?