Fade in/fade out custom tabs

Version 2020/10

Custom tabs have been documented here. The new fade-functions allow fading out or fading in custom tabs. Of course they can be used conditionally, for example fade out a certain tab under certain conditions.

Custom Tab "Meta"


// file: hooks/TABLENAME-dv.js
var dv = AppGiniHelper.DV;
dv.addTab("tabContact", "Ansprechpartner", "user", ["label", "first_name", "middle_names", "..."]);
dv.addTab("tabAssignment", "Zuordnung", "link", ["partner_id", "position", "memberID"]);
var tabMeta = dv.addTab("tabMeta", "Meta", null, ["created_on", "created_by"]);


Fade Out


Fade In


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Use fadeOut (or hide) in combination with getMemberID() for hiding tabs depending on the currently logged in user:

// file: hooks/TABLENAME-dv.js
var dv = AppGiniHelper.DV;
var tabMeta = dv.addTab("tabMeta", "Meta", null, ["created_on", "created_by", "modified_on", "modified_by"]);
// ... add more tabs here

AppGiniHelper.getMemberID(function(memberID) {
    if (memberID !== 'admin') {

in Line 6 we ask AppGiniHelper class to request the memberID (username of currently logged in user) from the server and execute a function. As soon as AppGiniHelper got a response, it calls the function and passes the memberID as first (and only) argument.

In Line 7 we check if the username equals admin or not. If not admin, in Line 8 we fadeOut tabMeta.

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