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Download-Problems using Microsoft Edge

On trying to download using Microsoft Edge browser I get warnings – […] – also it won’t let me download/save etc. […]

Depending on your settings and policies Microsoft Edge might deny the download of javascript-files (extension: .js). This is not related to AppGini Helper Library but to your browser- or security-settigs.

Please download the library using any other browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or others.

Since November 2019 new releases will be published as .zip file.

Global Changes

Changes do not affect the admin area

The function ... does not work in Admin-Area ..

AppGini provides so called "hooks" and "magic files" () which allow modification of views or database actions. These features are available for the so called Users's Area but not for the Admin Area. This means by using hooks and/or "magic files" we can only change the data-view and -entry pages but not the management pages of Admin Area.

Table View

Code does not work on load, but works when executed in console

I have written some javascript code in TABLENAME-tv.js but I cannot see the changes after reloading the browser. When I call the same function with the same parameters in the console of my browser’s developer tool, the function works as expected.

Most of the times this means you are executing your code too early at a time when the required libraries have not been loaded, yet, or when required fields or initializations have not finished, yet.

Especially in Table View it is important to execute your code after the page has loaded completely. Therefore you need to place your code like this:

// file: hooks/TABLENAME-tv.js
  // your code here

Detail View

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