Ordering FAQ

Payment methods

We accept all popular payment methods and more than 20 currencies worldwide. The ordering process has been translated into more than 15 languages.

Limited domains

We think it is fair if big companies, selling their solutions to many customers or providing SaaS for many customers, have to pay more money than private users, single-person freelancers or small teams.


We offer discounts for 3 developers or more. In the ordering process select the required quantity and the price will be updated automatically.

Licensed per developer

For AppGini itself you also need 1 license per developer. We think it is fair if companies with many developers have to pay more than private users, single-person freelancer or small teams.

Please note that there are volume discounts.

Download and updates

You will receive an email containg a download link after purchasing a license. Follow that download link in the email for initial download and also for downloading updates.


Our JavaScript library is compatible with AppGini Versions 5.7x, 5.80 and 5.81.

Allthough untested, it should also work with all versions of AppGini since 5.20 (since October 2013) when Bootstrap themes had been added to AppGini.

Personal, Non-commercial license

Due to the fact that demand for personal, non-commercial licenses was so low, we do no longer offer personal licenses.

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