Step-By-Step Example

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In this full example we will explain changing a certain detail view step by step.

1. Prerequisites

Library file

  1. download the purchased library file AppGiniHelper.min.js and
  2. copy it into the hooks directory of your generated application.

Table: patients

model in AppGini

If your tablename is patients there will be a file named hooks/patients.php.

patients file in hooks directory

Make sure your application has been generated and you can see all patients in the table view.

Table view:

url of patients-table view
table view

Detail view:

Open one record to enter the detail-view mode.

detail view

2. Include script & apply common changes

Edit hooks/header-extras.php

Open hooks/header-extras.php in your code-editor.

<!-- file: hooks/header-extras.php -->
<script src="hooks/AppGiniHelper.min.js"></script>

new AppGiniCommon()
  .setIcon("plus", "text-danger")

Line-by-line explanation

  1. Ihis is a comment
  2. Includes the AppGiniHelper library.
    Check if the file AppGiniHelper.min.js exists in hooks directory or copy it there now
  3. Javascript starts here and ends in line 10
  4. Create a new object of class “AppGiniCommon”
    Please note: There is no “;” et the end of this line. The command will continue with next line and will end in line 9 at the “;”. This pattern is called "chaining".
  5. On the object of class AppGiniCommon (which has been created in line 5) call the function setIcon() which will change the icon in the navigation bar.
  6. on the object of class AppGiniCommon (see line 5) call the function setTitle() which will change the text in the navigation bar.
  7. On the navbar-property of the AppGiniCommon-object (see line 5) call the function fix() which will inline the Admin-Area- and Logout-buttons.
  8. The “;” marks the end of this command.
  9. The script which has been started in line 4 ends here.

Now reload the page in your browser and verify that three changes have been applied:

  1. Icon
  2. Title
  3. Buttons

I recommend to clean your browser’s cache when reloading a page because otherwise your browser may show the previous version of your script.

Reloading a page with cleaning the cache is easier as it sounds. In most of the browsers hold [Shift] key while reloading. You can press [shift]+[F5] for example or [Ctrl]+[R] in some browsers.

If you are not sure please read your browser’s documentation. There is also a chapter in our Troubleshooting page here.

3. Change detail-view

Create hooks/patients-dv.js

Now in your hooks-directory create a file named TABLENAME-dv.js.Replace TABLENAME by your table’s name, in this case the filename is hooks/patients-dv.js

Please read the comments.

// file: hooks/patients-dv.js

// get an instance of AppGiniDetailView class

var dv = AppGiniHelper.DV; 

// hide the id-field

// create a (full sized) row (width = 12) and
// add a headline "Patient" ("#Patient"), then 
// add fields "last_name", "first_name", then
// add a divider-line ("-"), then
// add fields "birth_date" and "age".
// beautify label-alignment (sizeLabels(2))
var row_1 = new AppGiniLayout([12])
    .add(1, ["#Patient", "last_name", "first_name", "-", "birth_date", "age"])

// create a row with two columns. 
// column 1: width = 8/12
// column 2: width = 4/12
// and add headlines (starting with "#") and other fields into columns 1 and 2
var row_2 = new AppGiniLayout([8, 4])
    .add(1, ["#Anamnesis", "tobacco_usage", "alcohol_intake", "history"])
    .add(1, ["#History", "surgical_history", "obstetric_history", "genetic_diseases", "other_details"])
    .add(2, ["#Details", "image", "gender", "sexual_orientation", "weight", "height", "glasses"])

// you can hide more fields if you like
// I did this just to create compact screenshots for documentation purposes
new AppGiniFields(["genetic_diseases", "other_details"]).hide();
new AppGiniFields(["state", "contact_person", "mobile", "comments"]).hide();
new AppGiniFields(["filed", "last_modified"]).hide();

// prepend/append icons/texts to the three inputs age, height and width
new AppGiniField("age").prepend("~").append(" years");
new AppGiniField("height").append("cm", "resize-vertical");
new AppGiniField("weight").prepend("in kg", "download-alt");

// create a variable "container" for easier handling of new action buttons
var container = dv.ActionButtons();

// create a group named "Links"
var group = container.addGroup("Links");

// add some links
group.addLink("Download PDF", "my_custom_page.php", Variation.Primary, "file");
group.addLink("Notify Station", "patients_view.php", null, "send");
group.addLink("Settings", "patients_view.php", null, "cog");

// add two buttons for toggling the compact-mode with no text but icons "minus"/"plus"
group.addButton("Hide", function () { dv.compact(); }, null, "minus");
group.addButton("Show", function () { dv.compact(false); }, null, "plus");
  1. Save the file
  2. Reload your detail-view page
    (remember to reload and clean cache) and
  3. Check the results

4. Troubleshooting

If the output does not show what you have expected, please follow the troubleshooting instructions: Troubleshooting

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