Navigation Bar

Include the library and execute global changes on the navigation bar.

Change Navbar-Title

// file: hooks/header-extras.php new AppGiniCommon().setTitle("<b>CLINIC</b>Management");

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Change Navbar-Icon

new AppGiniCommon().setIcon("plus"); See also: Glyphicons

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Remove Navbar-Icon

// file: hooks/header-extras.php new AppGiniCommon().unsetIcon();

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Set Navbar-Picture

var url=""; new AppGiniCommon() .setTitle("<b>CLINIC</b>Management") .setImage(url);

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Invert Navbar-Color

new AppGiniCommon().navbar.invert();

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Fix Navbar-Buttons

By default, buttons for Admin-Area and Login/Logout have a different styling than other links/dropdowns in the navigation bar. With a single line of code you are able to fix the layout and style. new AppGiniCommon().navbar.fix(); Comparison Before After

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