Navigation Bar

Include the library and execute global changes on the navigation bar of User's Area in AppGini applications.

Get variable for navbar-changes

var navbar = AppGiniHelper.common.getNavbar();

// or
// var navbar = AppGiniHelper.common.navbar;

This code can be added to hooks/header-extras.php:

<!-- file: /hooks/header-extras.php -->
  var navbar = AppGiniHelper.common.getNavbar();
  // ...

Add items to navbar

These functions allow you to add custom links, texts and even custom dropdown menus (and menuitems) to your top navigation bar

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Remove buttons (5.9x)

In latest AppGini there are additional features like CSV-Import and keyboard shortcuts. For those there are new buttons in the navbar, which somehow break the inline-buttons user interface. You can get rid of them with a couple of useful new functions

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Remove mini-gap in navbar

Due to a min-width CSS styling of default AppGini navbar, there is a (minimal) gap between last navbar-button and the right page margin. You can remove this using a single command

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Change Navbar-Title

Change the title of the navigation bar in User's Area

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Change Navbar-Icon

Change the icon of the navigation bar in User's Area of AppGini applications

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Remove Navbar-Icon

Remove the default icon from navigation bar

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Set Navbar-Picture / setImage function

Replace the default navbar icon by a custom image/picture

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Invert Navbar-Color

Inverts the colors of navbar according to the selected theme

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Fix Navbar-Buttons

Convert default buttons in navigation bar into in-line links

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