Get started


Thanks for purchasing our AppGini Helper library. You will learn how to integrate the library into your AppGini project and do the first changes.


Experienced developers can take the fast lane.

For your own safety, please only use scripts downloaded from the authorized, from AppGini-download-area or which you have received directly from We only provide support to authorized customers who purchase and use official software versions. Always make backup copies of your files as often as necessary to be able to access a working, previous version if necessary.

We are not liable for any damage caused by pirated or modified software and we reserve the right to ban and take legal action against those involved in software piracy.

Step 1: Copy file into hooks-directory

Copy the purchased and downloaded script file into the hooks-directory of your website.


Step 2: Include script

Open hooks/header-extras.php in your editor and Include the script with the following line of code:

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<script src="hooks/AppGiniHelper.min.js"></script>

Step 3: Start coding

That's it! You have successfully integrated AppGini Helper JavaScript Library into your AppGini project. You can start coding common changes, detail view changes or table view chnges now.

Please continue reading the next pages. You will learn first basic commands for common changes, detail views and table views and how to use them.