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3.1 Global changes (Common changes)

Global changes, like changing the title in the navigation bar, can be coded in hooks/header-extras.php.

  1. Create a <script></script> section in hooks/header-extras.php
  2. Between <script> and </script> place the following code:
    new AppGiniCommon()

The file hooks/header-extras.php should look like this now:

  1. Save header-extras.php
  2. Reload your application in the browser

<script src="hooks/AppGiniHelper.min.js"></script>
  new AppGiniCommon()
    .setIcon("plus", "text-danger")

You should see a different icon and title in the navigation bar at the top of the page now.

Change the title by passing a different string into the .setTitle() function, for example .setTitle("MY<b>APP</b>")

Change the color-variation by replacing text-danger with text-primary.

Change the icon by replacing plus with cog or any other Glyphicon.

Do you like it?