Highlight: Table View with Open Street Map (OSM)

Important Notice
The features shown in this "highlights" blog category are a showcase of things which can be done using AppGiniAppGini Helper LibraryPHPSQLJavascriptJQueryCSS and HTML. This definately does not mean that everything you can see here is part of our product. It took hours, sometimes days of research, trial-and-error, coding and testing. So, these showcases are not part of a 49$ library, they are not single-line copy&paste codes and they are not for sale. Just a demonstration of what can be done and what we did and do in paid projects for our customers.



A map based on Leaflet and Open Street Map (OSM) at the right hand side of a busines partners table view. Whenever selection changes, the client fetches geo coordinates, stored in an postal-addresses-table, from the server and renders points-of-interest (POI's).

Note the dynamic sizing and automatic centering of the map according to the selected business partners' addresses.


AppGini Helper Features

  • Navbar-Fix
  • Custom navbar title
  • Additional panel right of table view
    will be available by the end of 2020
  • Selection-Change handler for table views
    will be available by the end of 2020


A few extensions over the day:

  • Additional left-hand-side panel (dismissable)
  • Quick filters
  • Range selection und de-selection (with SHIFT-key pressed)