Highlight: Link to parent in Table View


By default, all columns in table views are linked with the corresponding detail view of the table. If a column is a lookup, refering to a different master table, I sometimes want to provide a fast and direct link to that related parent record.

Standard Table View of "machines" table

The first column, machines.partner_id is a lookup field referencing partners table.

By default, on click on a row, this open up the detail view of that machines table. But I'd like to open up the detail view of the related parent record from partners table.

With some additional serverside PHP script and a short experimental javascript code in hooks/machines-tv.js I can do so with very little effort:

Notice: There is an additional serverside PHP script which is not part of AppGini Helper Javascript Library.


After reload, there is an additional button now which does NOT open up detail view of that machine but the detail view of the related partner.

I am still working on the UI, because I'm not fully satisfied with that parent-link button. There are different ideas for visual presentation:

Icon can be configured:

Do you like it?