TV-customization (Part 5): Built-in CSS classes

In Part 4 we have seen that we can not customize cell style directly, any longer, but we can add CSS classes. Today I am going to show a few built-in classes, provided by Bootstrap framework, which you can use out of the box.

Current PHP Code

First of all, let's modify the code a little bit. This will make it easier to change the CSS class names without touching too much of the inner PHP code.

// file: hooks/machines.php
function machines_init(&$options, $memberInfo, &$args)

    $options_old = $options->QueryFieldsTV;
    $options_new = [];

    $css_class = 'text-danger';

    foreach ($options_old as $sql => $column) {
        if ($column == 'year_of_manufacture') {
            $new_value = "concat('<span class=\"{$css_class}\">', 'Built: ', year_of_manufacture, '</span>')";
            $options_new[$new_value] = $column;
        } else {
            $options_new[$sql] = $column;
    $options->QueryFieldsTV = $options_new;
    return true;

See the extra-variable $css_class in line 8. This is the place you can use different CSS class names as shown below.

Different Text-Colors

Let's try with different CSS-classes:






label label-success

label label-warning

label label-danger

label label-info

What’s next?

In upcoming Part 6 of this series I am going to create and attach custom CSS classes.

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