How to: Optimize layout of detail views by using tabs and inlining

In a new project there is a table for storing tasks. Next to information like “Subject” or “Due date” we store date time values for… When did the creator assign the task to an employee When did the assignee start working on that task When did the assignee finish the task Later on we can use those datetime values for calculating average runtimes. Im showing the steps I took to optimize the user interface by using AppGini Helper JavaScript library functions. Start: Default generated form This is the default tasks detail view form. All fields have been aligned vertically. Step …

Quotes in SQL commands

Have you ever wondered what quotes to use in SQL commands? There is a very short help-block on the topic “Quotes in SQL commands” at the bottom of our Troubleshooting-Guide. ` Backticks enclose table- or column-names ‘ Single Quotes enclose values (like numbers or strings)