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Using custom function for full_name field

Instead of passing an array of strings, representing the fieldnames, we can pass a custom function to the field.setFunction()-method:

// file: hooks/contacts-dv.js
var dv = AppGiniHelper.dv;

// calculate field "full_name"
// concat values of last_name, first_name, middle_names 
// readable version for beginners
dv.getField("full_name").setFunction(function (data) {
    var result = data.last_name;
    if (result && data.first_name) result += ", " + data.first_name;
    if (result && data.middle_names) result += ", " + data.middle_names;
    return result;

We can return a string containg the new value for the full_name-field.

Tipp: console.log(data);

Please note the data parameter. You can check the values by printing out that variable:

dv.getField("full_name").setFunction(function (data) {
    // ...

This is the console-output:


Here is a different code returning similar results for more advanced Javascript users:

// using array, filter and join
dv.getField("full_name").setFunction(function (data) {
    var parts = [data.last_name, data.first_name, data.middle_names].filter(x => x);
    return parts.join(", ").trim();

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