Highlight: Styled buttons and additional buttons in children tab of detail view

Today I would like to present an idea that I can definitely use in my own projects: additional buttons in children tab tables. Yes, buttons for the tables at the bottom of detail views.


I don't know about you, folks, but I personally don't really like the button to open a child record in a modal window especially for UI and UX reasons.

The button is differently styled than other buttons and is not configurable. Furthermore, there are always situations in which I would like to open the record NOT in modal dialog, but in the same window.

I have been planning to change this for a long time. However, it is not easy because the children tabs are dynamically reloaded under certain conditions. Not only after the (first) landing of the page, but also after the dynamic reload I have to apply changes to the button again. These days I took some time to program this and I am quite happy with the interim result. I am considering to add these features shown here to a future version of our libary.

First glance

Just for demonstration purposes I have loaded my rows in the notes child table of a task DV with a lot of buttons. Too many for production, but just for demonstration.

Screenrecording with all features

The video shows the following options:

  • show record in modal dialog (default button behaviour with diferently styled button)
  • show record in the same browser tab
  • show record in a different browser tab
  • open a website in modal dialog
    Please note: This can be any website, for example a generated AppGini page, a custom page or any page in your intranet or internet. There is already a way for passing data
  • open a website in the same browser tab
  • open a website in a different browser tab
  • execute custom javascript code. Just for demonstration I am opening up an alert showing data passed over from the row by the button


Nice, isn't it? I will continue to test the features in my own projects and products and am considering integrating this feature into a future version of our AppGini Helper Javascript Library - if it works stable.


Next page (see small numbers 1, 2 at the bottom of this page) contains some more details and examples. I hope you like it, AppGineers out there!