Idea: Inject Child-Records into Table View

This idea came into my mind when I wanted to show additional information for records right inside the table view:

The toggle-button opens a panel below the record, showing all configured subtables.

This renders sub-tables for all configured tables right inside the table view just below each recod:

I can realize this by configuring Children-Records in my AppGini project as usual...

...and by adding a few lines of code to my hooks/TABLENAME-tv.js...

// file: hooks/projects-tv.js
jQuery(document).ready(function() {

    var tv =;
    tv.inject("notes", "project_id");
    tv.inject("subscriptions", "project_id");
    tv.inject("deliveries", "project_id");


See it in action

This has to be tested more accurately. I consider adding it to some future version of AppGini Helper Javascript Library if there is more demand.

Do you like it?