Notify other users about changes using “Toasts”

I programmed this feature for the same project, which was already briefly described here. It's about physically sending files and tracking them via QR code. Since this project involves working across multiple facilities, I was looking for a way to notify employees at different locations of changes to a record without interrupting work too much. We all know the so-called "toast" notifications. I use these for this purpose. There are many javascript libraries for this. I decided on this one, which maps what I need for this: Toastr

Important Notice
The features shown in this "highlights" blog category are a showcase of things which can be done using AppGiniAppGini Helper LibraryPHPSQLJavascriptJQueryCSS and HTML. This definately does not mean that everything you can see here is part of our product. It took hours, sometimes days of research, trial-and-error, coding and testing. So, these showcases are not part of a 49$ library, they are not single-line copy&paste codes and they are not for sale. Just a demonstration of what can be done and what we did and do in paid projects for our customers.

Detail View

Suppose we are working on a data set. At the same time, another user (at the same or a different location) also works with the system. She/He modifies a record and saves it. This is what happens at our machine:

Play the video below and watch top right corner. Please be patient, it takes a few seconds to see the notifications.

We get informed immediately about the record which has been changed, the user who did the changes and the time.

Those notifications (so called Toasts) will be hidden automatically after a few seconds. We can click them to directly open that specific (changed) record.

Detail View: Same Record

What happens if someone changes and saved the record we are just watching? See below

In these cases we get a warning which cannot be dismissed, but we can click it to reload the current record.

Table View

Let's see what happens in table view:

Play the video below and watch top right corner and also the table rows. Please be patient, it takes a few seconds to see the notifications.

We get informed by toasts and the changed row gets highlighted so we can see that the table's data may be outdated on those highlighted records.


I'm quite satisfied with status-quo. This feature could be interesting for many more usecases.

Do you like it?