Highlight: Additional HTML content in Table View

Description You will know this from your E-Mail software: Preview of the message right inside in the list of emails. Wouldn’t it be great to have it in AppGini lists, too? For a tasks-table I wanted to show the task-subject and -description inside the table view. And this is the first draft: Next to a few additional buttons (see showcase here) there is a custom HTML text below every row. Showcase Code I have wrapped everything into an easy-to-use function which I am going to use in more tables in the future. Just by initializing the onEveryRow function (so called …

Preview: (Auto-) Hiding table columns in children tabs of DV

In this preview of the next version of AppGini Helper Javascript Library I show the new function “autoHide” for columns of children tabs. Please note that the functions shown here will be available by the end of 2020, probably The problem with too many columns As you may already know a master record may have detail records in a different table. AppGini can generate tabs for each detail table and will show the tabs below the master record’s data. You can see there may be many columns in the children tab table. There are a few CSS tricks to hide …

How to: Redirect to requested page after login

Sometimes, in our AppGini applications we’d like to share data with co-workers or other users by sending a link via email, for example. Unfortunately, this does not work as expected, by default. I am going to show a very simple, solution, based on our AppGini Helper Javascript Library. AppGini default behaviour By default, if we are not logged in already, AppGini redirects us to the login-page first, then to the homepage (index.php) after login. This means the user will not see the requested page unless he/she clicks the link again (or copies the url into the browser’s address bar). AppGini …

AppGini Helper PACK: New Version 1.2

New version with custom blacklist option and another option for copying required files without compressing. Compress vs. Copy When “Compress” is checked, this is the already known zip-compression: Necessary files will be compressed and stored as zip-file in a subdirectory of .release. If you unckeck “compress”, the required files will just be copied “as is” into a new subdirectory of .release. This option can be helpful for FTP upload of project files. Blacklist Now you can add custom folders and search-patterns. Folders/Files matching the blacklist will be excluded. Version 1.2 is available for download now.

BUG: display of dropdowns/lookups in tabs

There is a display bug for the add-/view- buttons next to dropdowns when applying field.dropdown().fix() on fields placed in tabs. The reason is that select2 dropdown container returns height = 0 in certain scenarios when applying the fix. Additionally there is an inheited css style for overflow-x which may hide the add-/view- buttons in certain sizing-scenarios. This bug will be fixed in next version which will be released probably in July 2020. We are sorry for any inconvenience! Refers to: