Release 2019/11

A new version of our AppGini Helper JavaScript Library was released today. Very special highlights are waiting for you. I would like to highlight the brand new, custom tabs in input forms … … as well as the option to have individual links or buttons in each line of the tables: As a customers having purchased an update-option you can download latest version via your existing login. Important changeFrom this version on, for technical reasons, we have renamed the library from AppGiniHelper.mine.js to AppGiniHelper.min.js. Please update the include in hooks/header-extras.php. You can order the library here. There is a Black-Friday …


Several AppGini Helper functions allow styling elements. The colors always depend on the selected theme. Variation.primary Variation.success Variation.warning Variation.danger See also Detail View Action Buttons Collapsible Panels Table View Add Link Add Button